Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's a party, it's a party, it's a tea party.

Kaia is 6 years old! Both/all of my nieces have the same birthday. At least we could be with one of them on their birthday. This year Kaia had a tea party for 13 little munchkin girls.

My sister made name cards for each girl and each food dish. We hung tool, tied bows, double-sticked tape, and hot-glue gunned all around the house.

The really delicious part. Everything was mini!! It was dangerous because you think you're not eating that much and just picking, but 10 mini quiches plus 5 chocolate chip scones and 3 bundt cakes add up.
Mini-scone monster.
Parents/waiters served the girls tea and seconds for food. The girls went nutso for the "flour cookies" aka Russian Tea Cakes. 
The first activity the girls did was to decorate their own tea party hat that they wore throughout the day.
After lunch, they played games based around a sugar cube. Honestly, I was decorating my own tea party hat and eating so I have no idea what they were doing. I heard shrieks of joy, so I'm sure they had fun. Di-C was the perfect game master.
My sister, our cousin Naomi, Kaia, and I played UNO after everyone left. Naomi won both times, Liz got second, and somehow, Kaia and I were left to battle it out. There is no mercy given to younger players. We're all out for the W, but I lost both games.

Three little boys attended the tea party. My nephew, brother of the birthday girl, and our two cousins, whose sister also attended. So I guess it was obligatory on their part. They had fun playing and had requested to eat their lunch at a "table with no women."
She finally learned how to wrap her legs around her carrier's legs so she is almost weightless. Whoohoo! The best way to carry and be carried.
It's not a tea party without a fancy shmancy hat.
The party planner and birthday girl.
The party was an endeavor, but it was beautiful and scrumptious. All's well that ends well. Until next year...
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