Saturday, November 10, 2012

Within a day...

The first snow of the year! Well, the first snow that actually stuck. I would imagine it to since it snowed literally for more than 24 hours straight. There was a winter storm warning and all these trees fell down! It is so strange! I took these fall pictures from our balcony and on my walk home. Then the next day, it was just snow snow snow. I love waking up to a winter wonderland!

The same street before and after Utah's "Hurricane Sandy."

I came home to the trees on the ground and thought it was so funny. This is crazy! Then I went to run some errands, and all over town there were trees lying on the ground. We were lucky that no one on our street parked in their driveways. Others weren't so lucky. Trees on cars, in the street, on the sidewalks. Trees everywhere.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Infection. For twelve hours I had webMD/self-diagnosed unconfirmed tonsillitis. Instead, it's a raging infection. Direct quote from the doc herself. Turns out you can't feel your tonsils from the outside, so what I thought were my tonsils popping out of my neck/jaw were actually lymph nodes (webMD didn't tell me that). Suckers are big.

I hypochondriac-ed out for a minute when I made the appointment, but it's a good thing I went. Having a sore throat is the pits. How am I going to enjoy the full deliciousness of my burrito? And it'll probably cause more pain than pleasure because I have to swallow. Never thought of a situation where I'd ever shun food. Now I know.

Ohhhh yeah. Duh. They asked me to wear a mask. Strep is on the prowl and coming for you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'Twas Joelle's Birthday...

...and all through the weekend, we celebrated. 
On the actual day, we went to lunch at Pho One on Kapiolani Blvd. Delicious as always. Cupcakes are all the craze right now. Not only on the mainland, but even in Hawaii. There are so many cupcake places that have recently opened, and that I still need to try. We started by going to Hokulani Bake Shop in the Hyatt Regency Wakiki Hotel. I spent the weekend there because my sister's wedding reception was there, and I had no idea cupcakes were under my nose the whole time. 
We got a four-pack.

 2 Strawberry Guava with Cream Cheese Frosting,
Lilikoi Cupcake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting,
and the cupcake that helped them win Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, 
a Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and a drizzle of Strawberry Compote (whatever that is, it's delicious).
Remnants. The strawberry guava one was my favorite, then the strawberry, then the lemon. Regardless, they were all delicious.
On Friday night, we went to Addiction. It used to be called Crazybox, so I call it Crazybox/Addiction, CBox, the Box, Boxin' it etc. A ton of kids from my graduating class were there, okay there were like ten of us, and I thought we should take a picture and submit it to the annual bulletin. It's not like this is a rare coincidence, we actually see each other quite often. Maybe because I haven't been home in October in years that it seemed special. I don't know if they'll print us.

 My friend had my phone for a couple days, so I was off the grid. Luckily, I got Jojo's number and a sweet new watch. Thanks Stenos!
It was interesting to be phone-less. I had to write down numbers and actually call and talk to people versus texting them. I also only talked to whoever I really needed to talk to, but wasn't available for others to get in touch with either. There are it's pros and cons. 

P.S. I had to give the watch back.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Instagram, another procrastinating outlet for you know, when you're procrastinating.
I "hearted" this. I just had to.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

We are Warriors.

University of Hawaii Warriors
We got to go the UH vs. BYU football game all thanks to the Chows! The game itself wasn't exclamation mark worthy, but the overall experience definitely was. Before the game, we hung out and ate at the Tyau's house, then walked over to the stadium. We cheehoo'ed and chopped on kettle corn. Always with the kettle corn.
There was a whole section for Hawaii fans, and there were tons of local Asian people there! We kept wondering if they flew up for the game or if they live close by. It was kinda like we were at home. Kinda. No, actually.
The one and only DI-C.
OMG!! The whole game I was like, "Let's get on tv!" But we didn't. BUT WE DID! Not on the jumbotron at the stadium, but on real tv. Jay just had to post this on Facebook with the caption:

"Some friends showed me that we were on TV for the UH-BYU game... Rachel Lee, that popcorn musta been ono! haha"

This is my television debut?! Kettle corn I tell you...
Becky, the newest newlywed, drove up with her husband during the week and stayed for the weekend while he went to a convention in Las Vegas. They're still married, don't worry. Before Liz, Aaron and I took her to the airport on Saturday (to go on her honeymoon), we all went out to lunch in Salt Lake at Niche. Everything we ate was really good. The side jalepenos are no joke. After lunch, we went to the capitol. It's a beautiful building that commands attention, like a state capitol should (not like Hawaii's one). They had these awesome buffalo statues outside the tourist information building. They're hollow and I thought I was going to break it. But alls well that ends well. The buffalo still stands.
Inside, there are historical paintings of the establishment of Utah. They have these grand staircases that are apparently good for bridals. There were two brides there taking their pictures facing each other on the opposing staircases.
There are twin beehives outside the building. It's probably the only time she'll be able to sit on a hive without bum stings.
A snapshot at an Android's capabilities.
We are Americans.
Aaron had this awesome idea to manipulate a panoramic picture. After each of our photos, we ran behind him to get into our next frame. It turned out really well despite the Chinese tourists telling us to move out of their pictures. No, we were not part of that tour group.

Utah State Fair 2012

The Utah State Fair!! I look forward to it every year, though my first time was last year. So, I looked forward to it this year. And hallelujah, we made it on the second to the last day. Everyone else apparently did too, it was packed. The lines for rides were ridiculous. We filled up on farm culture and kettle corn.

Beef cattle. You can buy a cow at the auction and take it to the butcher. Talk about fresh.
Poo bum.
His name is Elvis. Apparently he didn't like the way we smelled, he started getting huffy.

Elvis is the girl in the pink's brother's cow. He was sold that day to someone else.

Pig Auction! It moves so fast I don't couldn't catch how bought it, or for how much. Yes, there are flies and it smells like farm. Some of the pigs were really cute. And their tails! They really are curly!

There were exhibition buildings on all sides of the fair grounds. We went into every one of them....There was Hunger Games statue of cows made out of butter, reused butter from the previous year, vegetable competitions, retail booths, AND BEES! This knowledgable man laid out all his bee knowledge. There was a hive that lead outside and they marked the queen with whiteout dot. She really did have a longer body than the rest. If she dies, the hive dies, and vice versa. It's a dependent and fragile relationship. The bees are vanishing! They're dying away from the hives so scientists don't know the reason. Where are the bees?!
FACE IN HOLE! I love these things!

All I wanted all year was a turkey leg. When we got there, the line was so long, I figured I could come back. Nope! They ran out. At least I got fresh kettle corn, delicious. Justin and I also shared a pulled pork sandwich and these potato twist things. The entire potato was shaved in a twisted pattern, then deep fried. So good. Great food find. Then, I got ice cream. It was homemade! I had to. We got it to share, but no one seemed to help me out that much. One scoop Reese's peanut butter and one scoop chocolate, all to myself.
The greatest invention with an impressive turning radius. The Wiggle Car! I might need one of these. It has a two hundred pound weight limits, so I'm all good on that, for now.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun fact.

For a pound of honey, bees have to fly 50,000 miles. Crazy, right? That gives my morning toast of almond butter and honey some perspective, and makes it maybe even more delicious with gratitude.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The one and only Honolulu, HI.
My mom and I flew the evening flight from LAX to HNL. The timing was awful. You can't sleep, because you're arriving at 10:30 pm, so for six hours, you watch tv, or read, but mostly sit uncomfortably. You also don't get tv for free anymore! So, mom and I bought DirectTV and watched movies until I couldn't stand it. We watched the very very end of the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics 2012, "The Lucky One", part of Disney's "Chimpanzees", part of the "Hangover" (she didn't like that one as much), and then three back to back episodes of "NCIS". Thank you, United.
A carry-on for two weeks? I am really growing into a great packer. I found the greatest bag at Ross's. I love my newest Samsonite.
Home sweet, sweet home.

Talk about getting things done. In two days:
(I don't know if it's a good thing or utterly gross)
Ramen at Gomaichi
Shokudo Honey Toast
Saimin at Sekiya's
Shaved Ice at Wailoa Shave Ice
Paina at Mai Tai's
Saimin at McDonald's
Cinnamon Honey Toast
Hang Ten stamp from Mai Tai's. Love that place.
"Appetizers" at Sekiya's. Miso butterfish, hash, veggie tempura, mac salad. They were all out of my favorite gobo.
Karai Saimin
It's regular saimin noodles that you pour a spicy sauce on. I've been eating a lot of noodles recently. When I was younger, I was told that eating noodles made you tall and skinny, like a noodle. It didn't happen for me, but I still love them. 
Large Saimin with vegetables

Cousin Kimberly.
Waiola Shave Ice
Lilikoi, Li Hing Mui, and Lychee with Ice Cream.
The next time I go back, I'm going all out with the azuki beans and condensed milk.
Kaimana Beach.
When I was leaving, guess who was there? Jacob! My brother was bbq-ing and he said he knew he would see me there. He was right. My bum got super sunburnt. It's not the business.
I really don't think this is okay.
Only in Hawaii. And it's sooo good. I always want McDonald's saimin on the mainland. It never happens.
I babysat baby Copeland after her second day of pre-school and she fell asleep waiting for sushi! She was drooling too.
Two days in, and I already don't want to leave.