Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I walked out of my class in the basement of the Joseph Fielding Smith Building (JFSB) to sunshine and ACAPELLA! Real life acapella makes me forreal #lol. BYU has a few acapella groups. One of the groups, Vocal Point, was on an acapella tv show, and I know that there's a woman's group. I'm not sure what group this was but it was too good. I had to Snapchat it. Luckily I caught one of them...wait for it....Watch the whole video. It's ten seconds. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Love Me Waffles and Sunsets

Man alive, Waffle Love is delicious!! They have been around for a while and I follow them on Instagram, but until this weekend I've only had samples. Now, I'm two waffles in three days deep. Waffle Love started off as one waffle truck, then two trucks, and now a store...a store right next to Mountain West Burrito. A giant half-steak and half-chicken burrito? Yes. Please. Talk about a one-stop shop. And during the summer there's the shaved ice stand Yuki. They make their own syrups and have excellent seasonal flavors. What more could you ask for (besides a bigger parking lot). All my favorites! 

Right now they're having a $5 special of biscoff and cream. I got that one on Saturday then tonight I got strawberries and cream.
Sunsets have been amazing this week. Taking photos while driving may be a hazard, but I got these shots and no accidents. So far, so good. Let's be real, it's really the sunset's fault for being so beautiful. 
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Call Me Blondish McBlondishster

Salon Keiji. 2 pm with Allison. 
Life. Changing. 

I learned a lot about hair dying or bleaching or changing dark hair to light hair. Maybe not because I don't even know what it's called. All I know is bleach, heat thing, toner. 

I had to bleach my hair because I had some old color in it from a couple years ago. She teased the top so the bleach line wouldn't be straight across then put conditioner on the bleach. But only at the top part. I think.
This was the first time I dyed my hair with a professional. I was semi-freaking out on the inside...the whole time. The experience was nerve wracking because I didn't know how my hair would turn out. I brought a few pictures and decided to go "warmer" because I read brassy looks trashy and I didn't want to go red. I think those were my options. All I know is that I think I wanted a caramalish blonde/blonde.
While I sat under the heater thing I got to read Lena Dunham's article in February Vogue! 'Twas awesome. Dunham is constantly writing and is able to analyze and process situations on the spot. Plus, Love. Adam. Driver. 
She rinsed out the bleach and she put on the toner and developer. She used two colors. A darker one closer to the roots and bleach then a lighter one at the middle and ends so the colors would blend into each other.
Life-changer and question-answerer Allison. I was there for 3.5 hours and when we were finished it was SO weird to look down and see light colored hair. So weird. And it's still shocks me that that blonde hair is my hair and connected to my head. Mind blowing. Now the stray light colored hair could be mine. Strange. And awesome. 
I dyed my hair. I had to take selfies...right?

The lighting changes how the color looks in photos so I feel like I really don't know for certain what color my hair is. In natural sunlight it seems more blonde and indoors more caramely (and maybe more orange •__•). I love having light hair and I'm so glad I finally did it. Cheers!
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Technology these days...

I called my mom to ask her opinion on me dying my caramel blondeish. I'm super late on this ombre train but still want to get on. 
Like this Saturday. 
Sal is not board.
Pumped that she answered my FaceTime call.
Bestow life advice using this face. It's hopeful, promising, and encouraging.
Jk. Jk.
I am always amazed with techonology. Today I saw my mom's face from 2,950 miles away, a third of America and half the Pacific Ocean. Our conversation was not as somber as these screenshots suggest. At least I hope not, we were talking about my future. The future of my hair and my career. 
Both of which are looking brilliant and shiny.
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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Xin Nian Kuai Le aka Kung Hee Fat Choy

Today was the greatest day in all of mail history.

My mom sent me Lai See!!! And I got February's Skoshbox!!!

I was so excited that I blogged about it.

I'm the Year of the Horse and this is my year!! 
Let us all gallop into this new year full of possibility, potential, and endless wonder.

Seriously, stoked.

We're not even Chinese which makes it so much greater and an even bigger surprise!

Chinese New Year started on January 31 and will go for 15 days. On the actual day, my friends and I went to dinner at Ho Mei BBQ. I went there for the first time two weeks ago, and have been three times already. It's really that good. We had roast duck, bbq pork, noodles, fried rice, eggplant, shrimp (I super highly recommend the Honey Walnut Shrimp), more pork, and choy sum. 

China has got it going on right now.

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