Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unorthodox Vega$

Who knew there was a daytime in Las Vegas? Now, I do. There is so much more to the city than it's over 21 nightlife. But one things for sure, craps and roulette are not overrated. Left the city with a win.
Kaikamahine Fast Pitch Softball 12 & under. 
She pitches...
she bats...
she sort of takes advice...
and most of all, she gives hugs.
"I wonder how Keila met Coach Obu..."
One of Keila's teammates didn't know Obu and Keila were related. Mystery solved.
Dedicated fans of Kaika through the heat the dust. RIP my beloved sunhat. An hour after it's purchase, the thing unraveled leaving my face exposed to the rays. Freckles come forth.
FAM chickachicka BAM.
There goes the hat...
I don't know how the girls managed to play three games on Saturday, and two on Sunday. The heat was ridiculous sitting in the shade. Major props Kaika!
Stoked for Sonic. The waitress really did come rolling out on roller skates. Legit.
Helllllloooo Kittttyyy who we thought was a man under that mask.
Cruising around Circus Circus caught red handed with yard long slushes.
Merry go NOT round. We need a starting push to get us started...
Bellagio Water Show
Keila girl // Killah // Kaori -- sho cutechu.
Whose parents are willing to take in a softball team and their brothers so they can hang out?
Hence, the hallway homeless.
Egg slime. Yum for some.
The California is a home away from home. No beach, but there's craps and roulette. Same same, but different.
MGM. The knockout everyone came to see that weekend.
SURPRISE! To say the least, and perfect timing. Miss Azita Tsuda in LV.

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