Monday, February 24, 2014

Love Me Waffles and Sunsets

Man alive, Waffle Love is delicious!! They have been around for a while and I follow them on Instagram, but until this weekend I've only had samples. Now, I'm two waffles in three days deep. Waffle Love started off as one waffle truck, then two trucks, and now a store...a store right next to Mountain West Burrito. A giant half-steak and half-chicken burrito? Yes. Please. Talk about a one-stop shop. And during the summer there's the shaved ice stand Yuki. They make their own syrups and have excellent seasonal flavors. What more could you ask for (besides a bigger parking lot). All my favorites! 

Right now they're having a $5 special of biscoff and cream. I got that one on Saturday then tonight I got strawberries and cream.
Sunsets have been amazing this week. Taking photos while driving may be a hazard, but I got these shots and no accidents. So far, so good. Let's be real, it's really the sunset's fault for being so beautiful. 
 photo 543f15f2-77aa-462b-bee9-ef5cfda06e7a.jpg

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