Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Technology these days...

I called my mom to ask her opinion on me dying my caramel blondeish. I'm super late on this ombre train but still want to get on. 
Like this Saturday. 
Sal is not board.
Pumped that she answered my FaceTime call.
Bestow life advice using this face. It's hopeful, promising, and encouraging.
Jk. Jk.
I am always amazed with techonology. Today I saw my mom's face from 2,950 miles away, a third of America and half the Pacific Ocean. Our conversation was not as somber as these screenshots suggest. At least I hope not, we were talking about my future. The future of my hair and my career. 
Both of which are looking brilliant and shiny.
 photo 543f15f2-77aa-462b-bee9-ef5cfda06e7a.jpg

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