Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Utah State Fair 2012

The Utah State Fair!! I look forward to it every year, though my first time was last year. So, I looked forward to it this year. And hallelujah, we made it on the second to the last day. Everyone else apparently did too, it was packed. The lines for rides were ridiculous. We filled up on farm culture and kettle corn.

Beef cattle. You can buy a cow at the auction and take it to the butcher. Talk about fresh.
Poo bum.
His name is Elvis. Apparently he didn't like the way we smelled, he started getting huffy.

Elvis is the girl in the pink's brother's cow. He was sold that day to someone else.

Pig Auction! It moves so fast I don't couldn't catch how bought it, or for how much. Yes, there are flies and it smells like farm. Some of the pigs were really cute. And their tails! They really are curly!

There were exhibition buildings on all sides of the fair grounds. We went into every one of them....There was Hunger Games statue of cows made out of butter, reused butter from the previous year, vegetable competitions, retail booths, AND BEES! This knowledgable man laid out all his bee knowledge. There was a hive that lead outside and they marked the queen with whiteout dot. She really did have a longer body than the rest. If she dies, the hive dies, and vice versa. It's a dependent and fragile relationship. The bees are vanishing! They're dying away from the hives so scientists don't know the reason. Where are the bees?!
FACE IN HOLE! I love these things!

All I wanted all year was a turkey leg. When we got there, the line was so long, I figured I could come back. Nope! They ran out. At least I got fresh kettle corn, delicious. Justin and I also shared a pulled pork sandwich and these potato twist things. The entire potato was shaved in a twisted pattern, then deep fried. So good. Great food find. Then, I got ice cream. It was homemade! I had to. We got it to share, but no one seemed to help me out that much. One scoop Reese's peanut butter and one scoop chocolate, all to myself.
The greatest invention with an impressive turning radius. The Wiggle Car! I might need one of these. It has a two hundred pound weight limits, so I'm all good on that, for now.

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