Wednesday, October 03, 2012

We are Warriors.

University of Hawaii Warriors
We got to go the UH vs. BYU football game all thanks to the Chows! The game itself wasn't exclamation mark worthy, but the overall experience definitely was. Before the game, we hung out and ate at the Tyau's house, then walked over to the stadium. We cheehoo'ed and chopped on kettle corn. Always with the kettle corn.
There was a whole section for Hawaii fans, and there were tons of local Asian people there! We kept wondering if they flew up for the game or if they live close by. It was kinda like we were at home. Kinda. No, actually.
The one and only DI-C.
OMG!! The whole game I was like, "Let's get on tv!" But we didn't. BUT WE DID! Not on the jumbotron at the stadium, but on real tv. Jay just had to post this on Facebook with the caption:

"Some friends showed me that we were on TV for the UH-BYU game... Rachel Lee, that popcorn musta been ono! haha"

This is my television debut?! Kettle corn I tell you...
Becky, the newest newlywed, drove up with her husband during the week and stayed for the weekend while he went to a convention in Las Vegas. They're still married, don't worry. Before Liz, Aaron and I took her to the airport on Saturday (to go on her honeymoon), we all went out to lunch in Salt Lake at Niche. Everything we ate was really good. The side jalepenos are no joke. After lunch, we went to the capitol. It's a beautiful building that commands attention, like a state capitol should (not like Hawaii's one). They had these awesome buffalo statues outside the tourist information building. They're hollow and I thought I was going to break it. But alls well that ends well. The buffalo still stands.
Inside, there are historical paintings of the establishment of Utah. They have these grand staircases that are apparently good for bridals. There were two brides there taking their pictures facing each other on the opposing staircases.
There are twin beehives outside the building. It's probably the only time she'll be able to sit on a hive without bum stings.
A snapshot at an Android's capabilities.
We are Americans.
Aaron had this awesome idea to manipulate a panoramic picture. After each of our photos, we ran behind him to get into our next frame. It turned out really well despite the Chinese tourists telling us to move out of their pictures. No, we were not part of that tour group.

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