Thursday, October 18, 2012


Infection. For twelve hours I had webMD/self-diagnosed unconfirmed tonsillitis. Instead, it's a raging infection. Direct quote from the doc herself. Turns out you can't feel your tonsils from the outside, so what I thought were my tonsils popping out of my neck/jaw were actually lymph nodes (webMD didn't tell me that). Suckers are big.

I hypochondriac-ed out for a minute when I made the appointment, but it's a good thing I went. Having a sore throat is the pits. How am I going to enjoy the full deliciousness of my burrito? And it'll probably cause more pain than pleasure because I have to swallow. Never thought of a situation where I'd ever shun food. Now I know.

Ohhhh yeah. Duh. They asked me to wear a mask. Strep is on the prowl and coming for you.

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