Monday, July 09, 2012

Live Más

Yay LA! For real. Another successful reunion. Brittany, Jojo and I congregated in sunny California for the Fourth of July. Good thing we have amazing friends and family that live there and let us impose on them. Legit impose. They definitely showed us why LA is one of the greatest cities in the world. 

I started the vacation super well by missing my flight and coming in five hours late. It put a kink in the plans, but Aaron came to the rescue me in Long Beach, and Christie covered me by picking Jojo up from the airport. Thank you and I am sorry times a thousand!

Britt, Jojo and I were a group package. We moved like a unit from Hermosa, to Westchester and Santa Monica. We lived the beach life with Noe in Hermosa Beach for the first two days/nights, then moved northward. The beach was crazy on the fourth. There were so many people walking, bbq-ing and volleyball going on. Everyone was so patriotic, singing songs and wearing the nation's red, white and blue. 
America's got pride (at least one day of the year).

Michael Busto! We got together with classmates who all live in LA. 'Twas a grand time. Punahou runs deep.

Ahmurika. We are citizens, no visas or green cards here.

East Harlem's newest and brightest 5th grade teacher!
We ate all you can eat Korean BBQ at Road to Seoul. I think we did really well getting our money's worth. I love that headband. 
Jojo and Todd Seki. He looks so happy. We went to Santa Monica to eat sushi with Jojo's brother and friends. We stayed at his house for the remainder of the trip, and literally moved into one of the rooms (we didn't kick him out, he went back to Hawai'i for the weekend).
A hui-hou Sarah Hui Chicks. 
Joj-ma-J and Ric-ma-J! ma-J sibs! 
The headband minuses an average of three years off of my appearance. I know what I'll be wearing everyday when I hit menopause.
We took a drive down Rodeo Drive and saw all these people surrounding this car. Unbeknownst to us, it was a 2 million dollar Bugatti. Yeah...

In a nutshell, we lived más.

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