Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diamonds and Gluttony Thursdays

This week has been non-stop activities. But I'm definitely not complaining. 
Tuesday and Wednesday were baseball, then Thursday was all about concerts.

Liz has an unlimited Blockbuster account. Her membership type is self-explanatory. 
She was also outvoted by Aaron and I, 2-1, on what movie to watch. 
The greatest Blockbuster find.Thursdays are for Twilight concerts. But before we went to the weekly concert event, we stopped at City Creek. 
Specifically, Tiffany & Co.
Smitten by a 1.5. 
Fujino fulled invested in what he's investing in.

The Twilight Concert Series is held every week of every summer. Each week there is a different performer. So far I've seen Raphael Saadiq and Nas. This week's band was the Band of Horses. Not sure who they were and still don't know who they are.

Indie central.
 We ate dinner at the food trucks on the concert grounds. Our first stop was the Himalayan Kitchen. We got the combo plate of noodles, chicken curry, potatoes, and momos (Nepali dumplings). Yummmm.
Then I got a corn, it was a season your cob yourself booth. I put butter, lemon pepper, salt, parmesan cheese and chili powder. The corn was sweet and perfectly roasted.
 We kept seeing people with kalua pig. Little did we know that we were ignoring a whole section of food booths. We got the combo bowl of kalua and teriyaki chicken. The theme of the night was gluttony. After the concert, we went to Bruges Waffles and Fries, got two waffles, fries, fry sauce, then went to Bryon's apartment for pizza. !!!

The waffles were so delicious. One had crème fraîche and peaches, the other had chocolate, strawberries, bananas and ice cream. The waffle itself was amazing. The fries? Deep fried perfection. We got two sauces, Samurai and Curry. Each was scrumptious.

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